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Hi everybody!

I know so many of you have been curious to hear where Nate and I are in our whole adoption process, so here we are with a little Q&A session to fill everyone in as best as we possibly can! Each of the questions below are ones that we get on a regular basis, and hopefully they’ll help answer some of yours also! Thank you all so much for your curiosity, your involvement, your support, your prayers…just everything! We are so thankful for all of you!!


  1. Your appointment was on Friday! What can you tell us about the future little Bradley boy?

Right now, the information we are allowed to share publically is limited. But! We can tell you that our future son is SO ADORABLE! :) He has completely stolen our hearts…I’m aching to have those gorgeous big brown eyes here at home in Phoenix with us!! He is 2 years old, and his birthday is next month.

  1. Do you know when you’ll be able to go bring him home?

We do not know when we will be able to travel to Uganda just yet. The thing is, there are a lot of moving pieces in international adoption. We’re not only fulfilling the requirements of our home state and the United States, but also those of the Ugandan government. So it’s a web of elements that need to be addressed at each step of this process. As of now, we are waiting to have one important element approved and returned to us by the US government. Once that piece is completed, we add that to our (basically ready-to-go!) file of information (the dossier) that we will send to our attorney in Uganda. Our attorney will help our dossier progress through the Ugandan adoption approval process. Once approved, we will be contacted, given a court date, and we’re off to Uganda! The approval process in Uganda can take as quick as two weeks, or in some cases, several months.

  1. But wait…earlier, I thought you said you were adopting 2 children?

We are doing everything we possibly can, to adopt 2 children. But things happen just one step at a time. This little future Bradley boy, has completed all the social study requirements he needs to, and is 100% ready to be adopted by us. The 2nd child’s social study is still in progress; he/she cannot be adopted by anyone until all the Ugandan requirements of this study is complete.

  1. Why can’t we see a picture of your boy yet? My other friends are adopting and they can share their photos…why can’t you too?

The answer to this is complex, because each and every adoption situation is different, because of where/why/how that adoption happens…I know that’s pretty vague, but that’s my best shot! I know we personally can’t share yet because we have no legal right to him yet. I promise, as soon as we are legal guardians, and we get the go-ahead, we will share pictures with you online!

  1. I don’t understand why this has to be so complicated. Why can’t you just go and get them?

From what I understand, so correct me if I’m wrong here….going to pick up random children who are not your own and taking them home to live with you, is also called kidnapping.

  1. There are so many kids here in the US who need to be adopted. I don’t get how you can just ignore all of them and go adopt from the other side of the world.

Ok we’ve gotten this question probably more than any other question since we’ve announced our adoption.

The answer will be different for every adoptive family, on where they feel called to adopt from. We truly believe that adoption was a calling from God, for our family. Nate and I did not decide to adopt on a whim. We were open to adopting from anywhere when we began to pray about this possibility. We felt after many months of praying, that God was specifically directing us to adopt from Uganda, and we believe with all our hearts that He has specifically a couple kids in mind that He wants to grow up in our family. The Bible instructs us who trust in Christ, to help provide for orphans. I guess I can’t recall a place in the Bible where God says to only care for orphans in America. What that care might specifically look like, will be different for each person and each family. For us, it means international adoption; for others, it may be financial support (like sponsoring a child), prayer support, foster care, active involvement, trips/service projects, domestic adoption, gifts (Operation Christmas Child), supporting other families who are adopting, etc. I’m so thankful Jesus has graciously offered salvation and adoption into His family, to so many of us who are not just from His hometown.


  1. Those crochet stuffed animals are so cute!! Where did those come from??

These adorable stuffed animals are made by my sister Lauren, who has seriously mad skills when it comes to a crochet hook! (Woohoo—Lauren—free advertising for you! :) ) She made this elephant and giraffe for us to bring to our kiddos, as their very first stuffed animals! She crochets everything from stuffed animals to stuffed Storm Troopers and Minions, to Frozen dolls, blankets, slippers, hats, scarves, headbands and more!! They’re amazing! She sells them too! Send me a message if you’re interested! :)

  1. Adoption is expensive, isn’t it? Is there a way we can help support you financially?

Yes and YES! :) The children are absolutely priceless and we don’t care what it’s going to cost us to have them home with us. They’re our family!

The whole adoption process with all its government documents, approvals, travel expenses, court fees, etc. is quite expensive however (somewhere around $50,000 in this case), and we are doing everything we possibly can to save and apply for available grants. We are also currently doing a puzzle fundraiser (<–here’s a link to it!), where you can be a part of actually helping make it possible for our kids to come home! There’s a great online giving tool, which makes things super easy, or it works great through in-person (if you live in the area) or through the regular mail (send me a message for the info).

  1. The winner of the most ridiculous question goes to: Wouldn’t it be way easier to get a little crazy in your bedroom, than going through all this adoption stuff?

Yes. No joke, we’ve gotten this question…and not just once either–Multiple times!! Cue a sarcastic joke, laugh, and walk away….believe me, they don’t even notice you didn’t answer the question. Some people.

  1. Favorite question: How can we be praying for you right now?
  • The biggest one on our minds right now, is the social study for the second child. We originally thought we would be able to bring home both children in a single trip. Friday was the first time that we realized that it is a very real possibility we may have to take two separate trips to Uganda, if the second social study was not completed very soon. Since the little boy is all ready to be adopted, we will need to go right away once his court date is set. If we need to take two separate trips, things get a little more complicated with taking time off work, extra travel expenses, care for our boy as we go the 2nd time, etc. God’s got it all covered, we know, but we’re a little nervous about the unknown for this situation.
  • Financing the adoption, especially now, since the larger fees are starting to approach.
  • The adoption process is just the start…we want to prepare not only for the process, but much more so for what’s coming up next: Parenthood! Those kids are about to be brought home by us, people who essentially are strangers to them! Things are about to change big time, and we could definitely use prayers about what’s coming up next for the Bradley family!


We hope to have more to share with you soon! We can’t even begin to express how grateful we are to have all of you in our lives! You all have been a huge encouragement and support to us…Thank you!!


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  1. Laura LeFevre says

    Great answers to some good and some not-so-good questions. Waiting is so hard. Praying with you both and for your waiting family.

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