Making My Monday #3

Happy Monday!!! How was your weekend?

Has it ever been crazy weather here the past few days! Only in Arizona can the air be rainy and wet, yet coated in dirt and polluted at the same time! Ha! Gotta love monsoons!

Can you believe it’s already the first Monday in August?? This summer has seriously just flown by…back to school time already! Wowsers!

So I had a tough time narrowing my Monday Loves List down to just 5 things this week…it’s the little things in life that are just so fun J but I finally did it…here are a few things that are just making my Monday just a little bit happier:

1. This soda can…how adorbs is this??!? :)


2. Barnes and Noble…my hubby and I were at an outdoor mall on Saturday, and it started majorly pouring! Thankfully we had just gotten to Barnes and Noble, and we just decided to chill there for awhile and wait out the storm…it was awesome! I could spend forever there just browsing (usually the cookbook section!)

3. Now We’re Talking!: Questions to Build Intimacy With Your Spouse by Robert and Pamela Crosby

My sister Sarah gave this book to me as part of my present this past Christmas, and Nate and I have been taking it along with us on date nights. It’s so fun to do together, and I have found out so many new, awesome, and interesting things about him just in these past few weeks since starting to go thru this book! If you’re looking for a super fun way to get to know your spouse even better, this is a fantastic book to try out! Thanks Sarah!!

4. Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray

I have REALLY fine and flat natural hair, and my hairdresser recently got me hooked on this stuff. It is SO AMAZING! I know not everyone is looking to boost volume in their hair, but if you are, this spray makes your hair noticeably fuller! I’m hooked!

5. Trader Joe’s BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic.


Oh, yum. I’m pretty sure this seasoning is seasonal, so gotta get to Trader Joes and snag it while you can! If you like to grill meat, poultry, fish, maybe even veggies, you will LOVE this seasoning! It’s got this delicious smoky flavor that is so addicting, you’ll want to put it on everything you grill!


If you missed the past 2 Making My Monday posts, you can find them here and here.

I bet you’ve got some things that are making your Monday a little happier, and I definitely want to hear about them (and try them out!!) Let me know what you’re loving today, and you might see them in one of these posts soon!

Well that’s it! Have a wonderful Monday!!

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