We really cannot describe the feeling…THE CALL we have waited on for about 2 years finally came!! Our court date is on November 30, 2015! Yes, holy cow, 2 and a half weeks away. We just booked our plane tickets and we are leaving on THANKSGIVING DAY, which we are so thankful for :), and we will finally be able to meet our little boy!! <3 Literally just days from now, yes, in National Adoption Month, that sweet boy will be an orphan no more! 


Our life has been a complete whirlwind since we got the call a couple days ago, trying to figure out travel arrangements, visas, final court date planning, etc., etc., etc. We have started a list of things to do before we jump on that plane and it keeps growing and growing and growing! 


Just to start, here are a few prayer requests we have for now, but look for more ways to join with us in prayer over the days and weeks to come! The regular scheduled Sunny Side Ups blog posts will become more sporadic from this point forward, but we will update as we can, so stick around! :)


Prayer Requests:

#1 – Pray that God would be preparing our kids for the next month and beyond as their life is about to change big time (not to mention our lives too…). They are about to leave everything they know, to go with complete strangers, to live in a place where everything looks, sounds, tastes, and feels 100% different from what they’re used to. It’s going to feel so, so scary for them.

Yes, there are still two that we are planning to bring home. This court date is only for our son, and kiddo #2, well needs some extra prayers. We are not sure what is standing in the way of her paperwork and investigation coming together, but we are going expecting God to work in great and mighty ways. If you every want to feel what complete dependence on God feels like, adopt internationally… lol


#2 – Pray for the preparation for the trip. There is so, so much to do, and many unanswered questions, still at this point. We need your prayers for wisdom and guidance on how to prepare to be in Uganda for an undetermined length of time.


#3 – Final resources and funding. So many have been so generous through this journey and God has always provided exactly what we needed when we needed it. But we still have some needs; keep your eyes out for one last fundraiser coming Monday! :)




Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers!!


  1. Becky East says

    So excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait to meet these blessings – that God had planned to be BRADLEY’s!! Love you both and will be praying!

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