Garage Sales and Caterpillars

Hi! I hope you’re having a fantastic week!!


I promise I’ll have more food and fitness posts to dish out for y’all super soon, but I’ve literally been eating, sleeping, breathing garage sale and adoption stuff lately, so I thought I’d update everyone really quick on how the sale went and how the adoption process is going!


First of all, again, an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who donated, came to help, prayed for us, bought stuff, and supported us through the garage sale this past weekend!! Nate and I both are honestly so blown away and encouraged by everyone’s kind words and generosity!


After weeks of sorting, cleaning, prepping, folding, and organizing, we got up bright (I mean, dark) and early Friday morning to kick things off! There were a few frantic tears shed (by me-of course)(Mom-I STILL cannot find that curly ribbon for the balloons!), but thankfully, working as a team, Nate, my Mom, my sister Lauren, and I, were able to get everything up and running on time! Whew!


Despite the Great Neon Yellow Caterpillar Migration passing through our yard (honestly, hundreds of thousands of them!! What??),


and (literally!!) 81 mosquito bites on my legs,


the sale was definitely a success. I’m not sure I’d want to hop up and plan another one next month, but it was worth the effort we put in. We had so many kind and generous people stop by, with wisdom and kind advice or encouragement about our adoption, and it was truly a huge blessing to us!


Thanks to your prayers and generosity, we were able to raise about $1,700 towards our adoption!!! And even more money will continue to be raised as well, because I’m starting to work through the items that were leftover after the garage sale, and finding ways to sell those also!


Since my last post, Nate and I have also been starting to tackle that To-Do List one item at a time, and as of now, we’ve gotten our passports mailed out to be renewed, our Fingerprints taken, and mailed those along with our Clearance Request Forms to the FBI! I think we have our Home Study Agency chosen as well, and we’re looking forward to our first meeting with them!


Every day I think about, pray for, and long to carry the future little Bradley boy or girl in my arms, but as each day passes, I feel less and less prepared about becoming an adoptive parent…This is 100% new for Nate and I, and I really have zero idea what to expect for the future! I don’t want to make the mistake they tell you about when you’re engaged, you know, the one about getting totally focused in on the wedding, and not on the years of marriage that will follow the special day? I think the same type of principle most likely applies to adoption too, right? Have any of you out there adopted before, either internationally or domestically? Do you have any advice or experiences, or resources you’d recommend to us? We’re aching to learn as much as we can, so please please email me, text me, comment, call me, (or Nate!) anything, to get ahold of us! We want to hear and learn anything and everything we can about this from you!!

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