Fantastic Fitness Finds

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Today I’ve got some fantastic fitness finds to share with you! There are some pretty incredible things happening right now in the world of fitness, and I’m so excited to see how today’s research is going to positively impact the future of people everywhere!

If you do try any of these out, or have tried any of these things in the past, please let me know! I want to know what really fitness stuff you love!


1. CW-X Stabilityx Tights



These incredible running tights are made with specialized technology that promises better endurance, and less fatigue. CW-X’s patented support web technology supports the body’s joints and muscles, and promotes better circulation and increased stability while exercising. These Stabilityx Tights are just one of many types CW-X offers, and they are designed to support the joints, and reduce the risk of injuries during exercise.

To me, these clothes by CW-X seriously look almost to good to be true! They sell different levels of support, so you can pick and choose which type will work best for your own body. They also produce items for sports other than running, including cycling, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, triathlon, and snow sports. You can check here to see if they have stores in your area distributing these products. I have not tried anything by CW-X yet, but I’m dying to! If I could find exercise clothing that will help to prevent injuries in my body, I’m all in!

Have any of you tried anything by CW-X? Are they as fantastic-feeling as they sound?


2. Runtastic GPS Running, Walking, Jogging, Marathon & Fitness Tracker

This is a free app that maps out your route and shows you weather/temperature/sunrise/sunset information so you know what to expect out on your walk or run! It tracks your elevation, pace, speed, and it let you compete against yourself, so that you can see yourself constantly improving. It also let you set personal exercise goals, and has a voice coach that gives you feedback and cheers you on!

I really like this app, especially for the mapping element! I like that even if I’m out traveling, I can see good running routes, and see what time the sun is going to come up. This is also an awesome app to use as you’re training for an event, like your next race, and can work with your training plan to monitor how well you’re preparing for your event!


3. The Verdict is in: The Very best Biceps Exercise!



We all want those arms to look good and strong, right? Check out this brand-new research study done by the Amercian Council on Exercise! They wanted to figure out what the very best biceps exercise is, so they put it to the test. They took several different biceps exercises, and using electrodes attached to the biceps brachii muscles, they tracked what each exercise did to the muscles. If you’re really looking to get some extra power in those guns, you’ll have to check out this study, and then put it to the test!


**For best results from doing biceps (or any muscle) strength training, it’s good to complete 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions (to muscle fatigue or failure), 2-3 times per week. **





According to the PoundFit website, “POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series.” Ever wanted to play the drums?? This really fun-sounding class uses light-weighted drumsticks called Ripstix to pound your way to a more fit life! And on top of that, if you don’t have a gym offering POUND in your area, you can purchase the DVD and Ripstix online, and rock out in your own living room!

This sounds SO fun! I’ve never been to a POUND class, but I’m dying to try it out! Have any of you tried POUND? What do you think?


I wish I could try all of these things today!! I’m all for making my exercise safer, more efficient, and fun! What about you? What’s the most fun thing you’ve done for exercise?

Have an amazing Monday! :)

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