What To Expect In Aqua Zumba

Welcome back to my What To Expect In…Series! A couple weeks ago we checked out Group Power, and this week I’m bringing a snapshot of one of the summer’s hottest trends in group fitness—Aqua Zumba!

Have you ever tried Aqua Zumba? Or any water group fitness class? I honestly can say, that I have never ever been to any type of water fitness class before this last weekend!
So I have to admit, before I tried Aqua Zumba, I was a little bit skeptical…I mean, how do you mix this:


With this???


I have to tell you, when I went to try out Aqua Zumba for the very first time this last weekend, I was really nervous about going! See, I kinda got jipped, I think, in the moves department, and whenever I do Zumba, I’m always that one in class who’s a step behind, doing the robot, while everyone else is hip-groovin to those smooth Latin beats! There’s a reason why I chose to teach the classes that I do!


So anywhoo, I got there, sucked up my fears, jumped in the pool, and the class was off! And… It was awesome! There were men, women, and teens of all different fitness levels, all just dancing away as the hour flew by! I had an amazing time, and I’m definitely going back!

Here’s a few things I really loved about Aqua Zumba:

1. No mirror.
Like I was telling you before, I got nuthin in the moves department. So it was awesome not being able to see the fool I was probably making of myself! Ha! And even better, no one else can really see what you look like either! The water comes up to about armpit-level, and the wavy water blurs out what you look like below the surface…which for me, is perfect!

2. The water.

I love being in the pool and swimming laps for exercise, especially when it’s so hot outside! No sweaty humid fitness room! Just fresh air, water, and lots of sunshine!

3. The music.

Seriously, Zumba music just MAKES you want to groove! And in the water (see #1), no one can see how killer or not-killer you dance moves are, so just go for it! ☺

4. The natural added resistance of the water.

I know, I know I already used water as an answer, BUT this is a totally different angle! The moving water creates an added extra resistance for your arms and legs to move against as you groove, and so you’ve got a little resistance training work packed into this class too! Score! Plus, you know how there’s a difference in how it feels to jump or kick your legs in a pool as opposed to doing those things on the ground? The buoyancy and lack of gravity under water will have your mind and body working in new ways to compensate for the new surroundings. It is SO GOOD for us to challenge our minds in new ways!! <-Extra health boost for body + mind just by doing Aqua Zumba! Awesome!

5. No sweaty workout clothes.

I sweat A LOT when I exercise. It’s gross. You sweat too, right? Do you love it? I mean that feeling of getting in your car drenched in sweat after a workout isn’t always the most awesome of feelings, right? So in Aqua Zumba, yes you’re working hard, but the water keeps your body cool and refreshed and washes any sweat all away! Yay!


So are you convinced? Ready to give it a shot? First of all, click here and find an Aqua Zumba class in your area.
(ps-the majority of gyms will have free guest passes either on their website or at their front desk, so even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can most likely go for free anyways!)
If you DO have a gym membership and they already offer Aqua Zumba, (like I do…**hanging my head in shame right now for not going earlier**) Go for it! You won’t regret it!

So before you drive out to your very first Aqua Zumba class, here are five things you need to know to prepare:

1. Dress to move. You’ll want to wear a bathing suit that you feel comfortable moving around in. You can wear just your bathing suit, or if you want, you can wear shorts on top like I did, or even a tank top or rash guard top. Be comfortable, be you, and just know that the majority of your body is hidden beneath the surface of the water anyways, so you don’t need anything real fancy.

2. Make sure you’re standing in deep enough water. A lot of the arm movements are designed to be executed below the surface of the water, so that you’re forced to work against the natural resistance of the water. This is going to give your upper body a great workout! When you’re standing still, the surface of the water should hit your body a little lower than the armpits. In water that is too shallow for you body, you won’t get all those extra resistance benefits, so scout out the pool when you get there, and find a depth you feel comfortable working in.

3. Wear sunscreen. The class I went to was at noon, and the pool was outside, and being the halfway-albino that I am, I was extremely glad that I wore sunscreen! Check out the facility, and the time of the class, so you’re prepared…and not burnt to a crisp afterwards!

4. Bring a water bottle. My water bottle was on the side of the pool, and I didn’t really have a chance to drink water during class, but I was sure glad I had it as I was leaving! Some people in class positioned themselves near the edge of the pool, and put their water bottle on the ground within arms reach, so they could grab a drink during breaks. Listen to your body, and do what you need to stay safe during the workout!

5. Optional: Water shoes + Sunglasses. Sometimes the bottom of the pool is rough and can irritate your feet as you are dancing (it definitely depends on the specific pool the class takes place in!), so a pair of water shoes can help protect those toes! If the class is outdoors like mine was, a pair of sunglasses can be super helpful on those sunshiny days!


After my first shot at Aqua Zumba this weekend, I can absolutely see why so many people are raving about it! It’s the perfect summer workout! It’s an amazing exercise class for all fitness levels, and will have you leaving the pool refreshed and wanting to come back for more! Are you ready to try it out?

When you do go and get your party on in the pool, definitely come back here and let me know what you think!! :)


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