Bradley Adoption: Where We Are + Puzzle Fundraiser

It feels like we’ve come so far.
But looking out in the distance, it’s clear that there’s still so much ground left to cover.


I was thinking about it the other day, and realized that if adopting took the same amount of time as a typical pregnancy takes, our kids would already be here! But there’s still much more to be done before we can fly to Uganda to meet them.


It has been quite a while since the last adoption update, mostly because there just hasn’t been much to report—just a whole lot of waiting!
But….we finally have some news! :)

Our Home Study has been completed by our agency-Agape Adoption Agency (Ps-giant THANK YOU to them for working tirelessly on this, and for putting up with impatient and needy people like Nate and me), and is being submitted to the state of Arizona for approval! This may not sound like huge news to you, but to us it is! Once the state approves our Home Study and Nate and I as adoptive parents, it means that we are then able to submit our I-600A (Petition to Adopt an Orphan) to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), and our dossier (every possible document you can think of, regarding myself and Nate’s lives, plus a zillion copies of each document) that will be submitted to Uganda. AND, the approval of the home study means that we will soon be able to see who our kids are! Shivers of excitement…
It’s an understatement to say that we can’t wait!!!


Nate bought me a bag of coffee beans from a farm in Uganda for my birthday, and it was the best gift ever!! Even though coffee farming is big in Uganda, it’s extremely rare to get their coffee over here in the United States; otherwise it would be the official drink of the Bradley house! Because I know this bag of coffee beans from Nate is so difficult to get here, I can’t bring myself to brew them…I know it sounds weird, but just savoring the smell of the coffee somehow makes me feel closer to the kids!


Another wonderful thing that has happened to bring us close to the kids, (Thank You, God!!!) is that we have been able to find and follow on Facebook, the orphanage where our babies are living right now! So even though we don’t know exactly which ones our kids are yet, it’s so exciting to be able to see pictures and videos of all the loveable babies and children and the wonderful staff who live there! It also assures us as future parents that as much as we’re aching to have our kids home with us, they’re in loving hands, and are being taken care of.


Puzzle Fundraiser

Now, we would like to invite you to be a part of our family’s story! A valuable means of helping the members of our family to finally unite!
We’ve got a 1000-piece puzzle, and we need YOUR help in putting it together!

How it works:
• Each puzzle piece is looking for someone to adopt it, before it can get connected into the puzzle.
• It costs $10 to adopt each puzzle piece. You choose the number of pieces you’d like to adopt.
• Once adopted by you, we write your name on the back of the piece, and connect it into the puzzle.
• After you adopt a puzzle piece, we send you a puzzle piece magnet, that you can stick somewhere in your home! This is a way for 1.) Us to say THANK YOU and that we will always recognize and be so grateful for the way you are part of bringing the pieces of our family together; and 2.) As a reminder for you to pray for us whenever you see it!

Ways to adopt a puzzle piece:
• In person
• Using our online YouCaring.Com Fundraising Site (**In the message area, please note that your donation is for the Puzzle Fundraiser, and be sure to include your address!**)



We will post pictures of our puzzle’s status regularly, to show you how our puzzle is progressing. We know 1,000 pieces is a huge feat, but we also know that if God wants us to do something, He’ll make a way for us to get there. International adoption is extremely expensive, yes, but God’s got all the money of the world at His fingertips. For Him, the price tag of our adoptions is no biggie. We’re trusting in Him to help us get to where He’s called us to go.



Please know that we do not want you to feel obligated or pressured to support us AT ALL. If you do not wish to, or are not able to give monetary donations, we treasure your prayers much more so than any amount of money, and we are so grateful to you for all your prayerful involvement in our adoption process.

Thank you very very much to each one of you out there who already have been loving, praying, supporting, and encouraging us every step of the way!

God is so good, and has blessed us with way more than we could possibly deserve.

More on our Uganda Adoption here.

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