Beat The Heat Exercise Playlist

Happy Labor Day!!


I hope every one of you has a fantastic and safe holiday!


Today I’ve got just a little exercise inspiration for us as we take our first steps into these amazing fall months…cooler temps=so many more outdoor options, so take advantage of every minute!

Also, I’ve got the perfect exercise playlist to get us through our mornings (or afternoons…or nights!) on the grind…it was so perfect on this morning’s run to help me get through every mile…music just helps make exercising so much funner, doesn’t it? Haha, when I don’t have anything to listen to, all I can ever think of is:…ouch ouch ouch; when is this going to be over??, why am doing this again?? It’s so hot! What—I’ve only gone half a mile so far?? It feels like I’ve been out here forever!!


Buuuuttt…once I’ve got some music on, it’s like my run has a soundtrack! The whole time goes faster, and feels way more enjoyable than when I don’t have music! It pushes me to go stronger, faster, longer, harder. What about you? Do you like to exercise with or without music?


Here is the playlist that motivated me through this morning’s run! Come follow me on Spotify, and you’ll be able to access all my playlists and take them along with you as you’re on the trail or at the gym. Ps-Have you ready my Safety Tips For Runners Post? Be safe, especially with those headphones on!!

Happy Running!!

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