Something new, something amazing, is happening in our lives.

Someone new, someone amazing is growing in our hearts.

God is leading us in a brand new direction, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

We would love for you to follow along, and be part of our adoption journey!

Read our updates thus far:

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9/8/2015 – Adoption Update: Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

7/10/2015 – So Close We Can Taste It…

6/5/2015 – Happy Birthday To You

5/19/2015 – Soo…What’s Happening In Your Adoption?

3/20/2015 – Bradley Adoption: Where we are + Puzzle Fundraiser

1/9/2015 – Letter from Dad

1/2/2015 – Letter From Mom

11/20/2014 – Adoption Update: The Switchup

9/24/2014 – Garage Sales and Caterpillars

9/15/2014 – Adoption Update 1

8/24/2014 – Adoption First Steps

General Prayer Requests

  • Pray for strength, endurance, protection, and God’s favor for us. There is so much to get done, and so many details that cannot be missed. We have our lives, jobs, families, the holiday season, etc. that don’t stop during this process.
  • Pray that God would already be preparing two little boys or girls (or one of each!) for us to bring home. Protection and provision for these little ones. We are becoming more anxious by the day to meet those future Bradley’s!
  • Preparing for us, as new parents to-be, that God will be making us into be the parents that He wants us to be.
  • We are already praying that these children would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Will you join us?
  • God’s favor in this journey. There are so many obstacles to overcome (Home Study, Favor with Government agencies, travel arrangements, funding…)
  • Financial Resources – We are needing to raise no less than $45,000.
  • These are some of our general requests; for more specific prayer requests, check out our latest adoption posts!