Adoption Update: So close we can taste it…

Aggies Baby Home Kids

 Photo Credit for Image Above: Aggie’s Baby Home (Kampala, Uganda)

So today’s post is a little bit different. For today only a note from Nate (Anna’s Husband) on our Uganda Adoption and give everyone some specific ways to be praying for us over the next weeks. Don’t worry! Anna will be back soon with more yummy recipes.


To bring everyone up to speed, this is where we are. We officially have finished, completed, and been approved on every step required both on the local and national (USA) levels. (INSERT LOUD CHEERING HERE!!) For those familiar with adoptions, we got our approval on the I-600A (Petition to Adopt an Orphan through the US Government). That is a huge step! Today we are meeting with our agency to send our dossier (all of the paperwork and information we’ve been working on for the past year and a half) to UGANDA! (Of course, there is more paperwork when we get to Uganda, and after we get home, but…)…For now, our job is to wait and pray….because as of today, we could get the word that it’s time to pack up and get on a plane to Uganda any time! Here is how you can pray with us!


1.) Our number ONE request right now is that our second child’s referral from Uganda would come through. This is very important to us because our first little boy is essentially ready for us to go and bring home. Like I said, we’ve completed all of the paperwork, and are working through our agency and our Ugandan lawyer to get our court date in Uganda. We don’t want to have to travel over there two different times. The most significant reason for not wanting to travel twice is our little boy we already know we are bringing home. The last thing we want is to get him home and get a call to return and throw his life upside down AGAIN! The second is cost. A round trip ticket from Uganda is not cheap, and we are already trying to figure out how to make this first trip work.


2.) That leads me to another prayer request. We have been blown away by the response and everyone who has jumped on board to help us get these Bradley kiddos home with prayer, helping us with references or paperwork, and of course those who have helped support us financially. Thank you everyone!! We still have some large bills coming our way, and probably need to raise about $30,000 more to push this thing over the finish line. We’re still doing our Puzzle Fundraiser, and have lots more puzzle pieces that you can adopt, if you’d like! Also, we will be announcing some exciting opportunities to get even more involved soon, including a Concert Fundraiser (July 31, 2015) at Palmcroft Church in Phoenix, Arizona, and a Golf tournament (August 15, 2015). More Details on both of those coming very soon!


3.) The last prayer items are the MOST IMPORTANT …. Think with us about a wedding; how the bride and groom (and their families) work so hard towards the build of this big exciting wedding day, and sometimes they forget about the actual marriage part afterwards. Right? Anna and I are so excited that God has called us to grow our family through adopting children in Uganda. We don’t want all of our prayers and thoughts to be directed towards just getting the kids home. It might be strange to say, but that really might be the easiest part of this. We are not adopting these children because of the excitement of this adoption adventure. We are preparing for a new life with these kids. A life that shows them the love of parents, and through that love, most importantly, shows them the love of Christ. For children that have experienced what our children have, in abandonment by their birth parents, and a life in poverty, we are asking for your prayers that God would use us in these kids lives to show them HIS love, grace and mercy. We want our family’s story to show Christ to the world, and to ensure that these kids know that they have, in us (and more importantly, God) ones who will never leave or abandon them, and will always fight for them. Will you join us in this prayer?


So that’s it! As of today, we’re waiting on that email from our attorney in Uganda saying it’s go time! It’s been a long year and half getting to this point, and our hearts can’t wait for the day when all four of us can be together, at home, as a family. Thanks for walking with us during this amazing adventure! We will continue to post updates as we have them.


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  1. Brett Sexton says

    ahead of your request Nate. praying for your many years of Daddying. And Anna’s mommying. And that your son :-)
    and his sibling will grow to by mightily used of God; children of God who hear “well done my good and faithful servant.” just as (and for more reasons even) their parents will. May your God whom you serve richly bless you in this manner always.
    all my love

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