Adoption Update: Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

It’s been a couple months since our last official adoption post (Ps-you can always access and read any past posts here), and especially with all the questions we’ve been receiving lately, we thought it was definitely time for an update!


I guess one reason why I haven’t really posted anything lately, is because what I really want to do, is to post good news! I want you guys to hear the good, the happy stuff. News that things are happening, that this process is moving along, and that it’s getting closer to our kids coming home. I don’t want to write about the harder stuff, the complications, the acne causing-sleepless nights-stressful stuff. But if you’ve been through an adoption process, or walked alongside someone going through this process, you know that’s where we’re living the majority of the time.


As a quick refresher, we’ve finished everything required of us, here on the US side of the adoption. All the fingerprints have been taken, the FBI checks have been completed, the interviews have taken place, the dotted lines have been signed, and everything is now in the hands of our Ugandan attorney on the other side of the world.


So, since you’ve last heard from us, we’ve been setting up a bedroom, taking our best guesses on our kids clothing sizes, watching airline prices, accumulating everyday essentials we’ll need for an unknown length of stay in Uganda. We’ve been praying, wishing, waiting, hoping to hear something, anything that will get us closer to getting to our kids.


At the end of August, we heard something. We found out that in Uganda, the judges take an extended summer recess, and do not work.


We’d been anxiously waiting all this time, and the people who hold our adoption in hand are not even there to move things along. They officially reported back to their offices on September 1st. So starting again last Tuesday, we’ve been back on high alert, fingers crossed that maybe our paperwork was on the top of their stack of to-do’s.

And then… Thursday we heard something!

We learned that a law was just passed in Uganda requiring each and every orphan before they are adopted out of country, now have to run a 21-day TV advertisement about themselves. This is kinda like a “Do you Know Me?” type thing; just as an additional way to see if any remaining in-country relatives emerge who are able to care for the child. From what we’ve heard, prior to this, the judges would just inconsistently pick & choose certain orphans to run a tv ad. We are completely on board with attempting to locate any of these kids’ family members before we step into the picture. The only part that is discouraging to us, is that we were told already that at least for our son, that his investigation was 100% complete, that investigators had already done everything in their power to locate any relatives, and had not found any. He was ours to adopt. Now, with this new law, it trumps any previous investigations done, and will now be required for both kids to complete the 21-day ad before we will be assigned a court date.

As soon as we found out about this new situation, we sent over the TV ad fees as quickly as we could, so as to not hold up the process a moment longer than necessary….but, we have no idea how long it will take them to create the ad, if they will run our ad for 21 consecutive days, or if the ad will be run a couple days here–a couple days there, if they will run both of our children’s ads during the same 21-day time period, or if they will air one at a time, or even what happens if a relative is located. Many things are up in the air, as they are with any adoption. The extra-tough thing, is that rules and laws in Uganda are very fluid; there’s no set procedure or step-by-step list to follow…it’s quite different from how an adoption would proceed in America or several other countries, and every family adopting from Uganda has a different story on how their family came together. Our process from this point forward is completely at the discretion of whatever judge or official is handling our case at the time, and whatever they feel that particular day. It feels like a complex web that we’re weeding through, so thick that there’s no way to honestly know if we’re close or far from finding the end.


Our desire is to provide a family, a home, a loving positive environment for a couple kids who do not have that now; an opportunity to introduce Christ to some precious lives who may never otherwise be given that chance.

It definitely wears on the heart, to know the things our children have already experienced just in these few short years of life they’ve lived. It breaks my heart knowing what they’re eating (and not eating), where they’re sleeping…when we are here with more food than we really need, sleeping in a nice bed, living each day with many more things than we actually need; We constantly wonder how they’re doing…especially because not only can we not do anything if they are sick, or they break an arm playing soccer, or get bit by a snake, we don’t even get to know about it. We can’t provide these kids with the things they need, much less things they want as we so desperately want to be able to do.

We are hoping and praying that it won’t be too much longer, because we’re already getting clothes, essential oils, toys, and check out these adorable backpacks Aunt Marti got for their airplane ride home:


Ps-they match the animals Aunt Lauren crocheted for them! :)


One thing we do know, and that we constantly remind ourselves of, is that God’s got this. He knows everything that is ahead even when we can’t see it. God’s got this, and we will keep on trucking as He keeps leading!


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