Adoption First Steps


It is so so so exciting to finally and officially be on the track, running towards our goal of adopting a little boy or girl from Uganda! For a little over a year, Nate and I have been thinking, praying, talking, researching, and dreaming about international adoption. Back in January, after a few months of seriously considering adopting, we tried to move forward and start the process, but God said it wasn’t time. For some reason, many international adoptions at that time were not advancing very well, and we were strongly advised to not pursue anything on the international scale. Though we were really discouraged at the time, for some reason, the desire in our hearts to pursue international adoption just would not burn out. So we waited…we did more thinking, praying, talking, (LOTS more) researching, and somehow in our hearts this August, we knew it was go time. After looking into and talking with many agencies, we chose to adopt through European Adoption Consultants, Inc., or EAC, and our application has been accepted, and we have been approved to advance with a Uganda Adoption as of last Monday!! Woohoo!! :) This is going to be quite a long journey before our baby is home with us, about 18 months, but we are so excited! We will be adopting out of an orphanage in Uganda; The youngest children available for adoption in this country are about 2 years old, and ours will be between 2 and 3 years old by the time he or she flies home with us….which means–our baby is already ALIVE! :) I can’t wait to have that little guy or gal here for good…it just gives me the chills thinking about it! :)

So between now and that 18 month mark, we are going to have to save and raise about $35,000…which is an astronomical amount in our minds right now, but both Nate and I have complete faith that God’s got that whole part of our adoption covered. We’ve already been thinking about and planning fundraisers, grants, and ways to pinch our pennies.

If you would like track our progress, or even be part of our progress (!!!), you’ll always find an updated picture here on the website (or just click on the “Adoption” tab up on the runner towards the top of the screen). You’ll also always find our current prayer requests and fundraisers, and we would be so extremely grateful to any of you who want to be involved and help us to climb this steep cliff looming ahead of us, aka international adoption.

There’s so much work ahead of us, but just thinking about who is waiting there at the finish line drives us forward with full force!



  1. Ryan and Emili Combest says

    Wow. Totally stepping out in faith to choose a little one that God has set aside for you from the beginning….we are SO excited for you!! And really looking forward to hearing more of your hearts in the next year and a half and beyond. Love you both and miss you!

    • Anna BradleyAnna Bradley says

      Thanks you two!! :) Love and miss you back, and we really wish we were closer to see you both more often! Hope all is going great!

  2. Valinda says

    Hey Anna, just discovered your site and am so excited to hear you’re in the process of adopting! I definitely want to keep up on here with how it’s going. I’m encouraged by your faith as you step forward with some big goals to reach. I’ll be praying that your little one comes home to you in God’s perfect timing! Excited for you to be a mom!


    • Anna BradleyAnna Bradley says

      Aww thanks Valinda! It’s so awesome to hear from you! :) This is probably the most exciting, yet most nerve-wracking thing I’ve done in my life, but I know God’s got this, and that everything will turn out just the way He wants it to.

      Thanks again for all your prayers, and I hope you and your beautiful family are all doing fantastic!! :)

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