45-Minute Cardio Playlist

Ohmylanta. Do you ever have those days when you get up and get ready to go on your morning run, and then oh so mysteriously your legs turn into lead weights when you try to start running? Or is it just me?? I was feeling fine when I woke up, I jumped out of bed, put on my running clothes, laced up my favorite pair of ASICS, walked out to my favorite route, did a power walking warm-up, and then as I accelerated into a run, I felt like a total retard. You’d think I’d strapped on 50-pound ankle weights or something! Yikes! Could.not.pick.up.my.own.feet!


Maybe it was the heat–even though I started at 6:30ish, it was already almost 90 degrees..ugh…and since it’s monsoon season, the humidity is up there right now too. Yeah, I always look and feel pretty awesome at the end of a 5-miler! (No pics after one of these runs will EVER be taken!) Lolz. Any other Arizonans out there relating to any of this??


The only thing that powered me thru this morning’s grueling run was this playlist! I don’t always run with headphones, but now that my husband and I live near a canal (with no water in it—hello, Phoenix!) with an asphalt trail on the side for runners and cyclists to use, and I’m safe away from traffic, I tend to run to music a lot more often. It definitely helps out on days like today when it’s tough to keep on going! This playlist is perfect whether you’re running outside, like I did today, or on the treadmill or elliptical or stairclimber at the gym (like I probably should have done in this heat!). The first song is for a warm-up, and the last song is for a cool-down. The rest are just straight-up pounding beats to keep you pushing your limits for the whole workout!

I want to work out with you! At least every month I’ll have a new workout playlist here for y’all; and it couldn’t be easier to power thru your workouts alongside me than this: Simply follow me on SunnySideUps on Spotify, and get the playlist on your Spotify Premium account right on your phone’s Spotify app!


What music do you like to listen to during workouts? Let me know, and you might see some of your favorites in upcoming playlists!! :)

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