10 At-Home and At-the-Gym Fitness Classes to get hooked on in 2015 + a Workout Playlist!

Are you one of those who can just walk into the weight room at the gym, and know exactly which exercises to do, which machines to use, and have a blast getting the safest, most effective workout for your busy life? Or does the thought of working out alone bore you to death, not to mention make you feel absolutely ridiculous and self-conscious, standing there in front of a giant wall-sized mirror, in the middle of a bunch of meat-heads blowing kisses at their bulging biceps?

One of the major reasons I became a group fitness instructor, was because I’ve felt totally lost in the weight room before, and I know what it feels like to have zero motivation to go pick up those 5-pound dumbbells and do my arm exercises in a room full of body builders who look at me like I’m just in the way! Right?? Walking into my first Group Exercise class was intimidating, yes, but even thought I couldn’t totally keep up with the rest of the class, at least I felt like I had a little direction, a plan for my workout. I didn’t have to spend 20 minutes trying to adjust the seat level on a weight machine I really had no idea how to use; all the exercises, movements, and music even—were all planned out already for me by the instructor! And I LIKED that. A LOT.

If you’ve ever felt like I did, know you’re NOT the only one! I’ve heard from so many people I’ve taught over the years, that the top reason they come to group fitness classes, is because they feel a little lost when it comes to figuring out a safe and effective workout to do on their own, in the weight room. They want the direction that an instructor can give them. If that’s you, I’ve got some awesome fitness classes and some fantastic at-home workout options that take the stress of guessing off your shoulders; you can just follow along and have a great time getting and staying fit!

  1. Group Centergy – I currently teach this class, and I’m in love with it! It’s a choreographed fitness class where you’ll lengthen and strengthen your body + increase your body’s flexibility, balance, and mobility with a fusion of pilates, yoga, tai chi, + other moves, all mixed together in an athletic fashion and timed to fantastic music.


  1. Tabata – If high intensity interval training (HIIT) is your thing, Tabata is for you! There are a few different varieties of Tabata classes out there, but most versions are less than an hour, and are made up of alternating heart-pumping high-intensity exercise for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest, and you’ll burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. No messing around here-just straight to the point, push your limits workout every time you come to class.


  1. Aqua Zumba – I bet you’ve tried Zumba, but have you gotten your groove on in the pool? Awesome, perfect class to look forward to in the upcoming months (or now, if you’ve got an indoor pool at your gym!). The water adds resistance to the dance moves, giving your body a challenging, but fun and refreshing workout all at once! The hour flies by in this pool dance party!!


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  1. Group Personal Training – If you’re looking to work your way around the weight room like a boss, but don’t want to pay for individualized personal training, check around for a gym offering Group Personal Training! You and a group of 2-6 (with most programs) share the cost of a personal trainer, learning how to build strength and muscle safely, using the machines and equipment in the weight room at the gym. Major bonus of working out with a group? More motivation, more accountability, more fun (with a lower price tag!)!


  1. Outdoor Group Fitness – Exercising in the great outdoors is definitely one of the major trends of 2015, and so many gyms are hopping on the wagon, offering everything from group hiking, to group outdoor cycling, to yoga, to boot camps, to running groups, and sometimes even mixing together all these different classes all in one awesome open air exercise experience! Working out doesn’t really feel quite so hard when you’re doing it out in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of nature!


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If you don’t have a gym membership, and still want to exercise, there are TONS of fantastic classes and workouts out there that you can do in the convenience of your own home!

  1. Have you ever heard of Fitness Blender? Fitness Blender is an AWESOME online fitness site, where you can access and watch free exercise videos right from your computer, tv, or tablet! Plus, you can customize your workout by choosing your workout duration, type of exercise and body focus, workout difficulty, and if you want to use equipment or just your own body weight. They also have 2 to 8-week programs you can start for a small fee, or you can choose to watch individual videos for free!


  1. Jillian Michaels DVD Workouts – Even though online workouts are huge right now, DVD workouts are still staying extremely popular this year, and for good reason! They’re portable, fun, challenging, and they really work! My favorite DVD’s to workout to are definitely the ones by Jillian Michaels, because they’re fast, they’re effective (they totally kick my booty!), she’s got so many exercise varieties to choose from, and there’s almost always multiple workouts on each super-affordable DVD! (Plus, you can check them out from your public library too, for free!)


  1. Do you have an XBOX One at your house? If you do, you’ve got a goldmine of at-home fitness options right at your fingertips!! I LOVE the Mossa Xbox fitness workouts (!!), but you can also workout with Tony Horton (P90X), Shaun T (Insanity), Jillian Michaels, and more! Plus, the Kinect tool gives you instant feedback on your form, heart rate, and intensity! Seriously, if you’ve got this, you may never want to drive to the gym again – so many options!!


  1. FitnessGlo – I found out about FitnessGlo fairly recently, and am so pumped about this program! There is a $12/ month membership fee, but with that, you are able to access hundreds of workout videos (and they’re always adding more on a regular basis, so everything stays very current), taught by some of the top, most quality instructors in the fitness industry. You can access these from your computer or from your phone or tablet with their app. They offer styles ranging from Barre, to HIIT, to Dance, to Yoga, Step, and a lot more! Plus, you’ve got the option to choose different difficulty levels and video lengths; and to help you reach your fitness goals; they offer several 8-week targeted programs, such as their Busy Bride Program or their No-Equipment Program!


  1. Nike Training Club – This is a FREE app you can get on your smartphone, and it includes 100+ workout videos that you can follow along to, plus demonstrations of how to execute correct form on the different exercises. You can choose length of workout, intensity of workout, whether you want cardio, strength training, core training, etc., and you can even choose to set your own music behind the workout, making it even more motivating! Super easy to follow, plus you can do it anywhere you want, since everything is right on your phone!


Well there you have it! 10 awesome ways to continue your healthy lifestyle, whether you’re at the gym, or at home!

If you’re like me, sometimes you feel like going for a run, bike ride, or you like to work away on cardio equipment by yourself; #1 essential need for that, is an awesome workout playlist, right? With the help of Spotify, you can follow me and power through your workout listening to this motivating playlist I created! It’s my personal favorite running playlist: 101 fabulous songs, so it’s definitely not going to finish before you do! Enjoy!

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